Hello World!

3 min readDec 31, 2020

It’s nice to meet you. We’d like to take a moment to introduce ourselves.

We’re a team of like-minded creatives, engineers and professionals who came together with an idea that we knew we needed to share with you: A way for creators of all walks of life to share their ideas and their most prized possessions securely.

Before we started S!NG, our technology was used to protect the intellectual property of international companies. With so many sensitive files flowing between different individuals within an intricate company network (and then out into the hands of third parties), it was extremely important to track who thought of what and when. When was it shared? Who contributed to the idea?

So we wondered, “what if there was an easy way to create irrefutable proof that you thought of something first… that it belongs to you?” Something you could depend on, and that wouldn’t get in the way. We knew the answer was in blockchain.

Fast forward a couple of years and this technology was found by the creative community — spurring an earnest mission to help artists from every discipline to feel secure sharing the ideas and work they value so deeply. Identifying as creators ourselves, we built what we knew we needed but that didn’t yet exist, gearing it towards creative minds like you — DJs and musicians sharing beats with collaborators, photographers building their elaborate portfolios, graphic designers creating unforgettable digital art, or even an oil paint artist scribbling down an idea for their next masterpiece. From idea to finished product, we wanted to make sure creators felt safe every step of the way..

As a digital native, we know your world is online and S!NG is how you can feel safe and confident sharing your work with peers — even ones you’ve never met. We’ve heard countless stories from creators around the world who have faced the sometimes impossible task of reclaiming their property as a result of theft. If your work involves pinballing information back and forth between different collaborators, you may know how messy the business of proving ownership of your work can be. This brings us back to the undeniable truth of creating and sharing great things in this landscape today: You must safeguard your crown jewels, and you must be ready to prove they belong to you.

Now, onto the not-so-secret sauce. Each time you upload a file to the S!NG platform, it’s ‘witnessed’ by millions of computers around the world, imprinting data such as date, time, original authors and sharing activity onto a blockchain that can never be changed. Of course, the contents of your file will never be visible to anyone but you and those you choose to share it with. But the witness to its creation is public. This is the power of a public blockchain, and we’ve made it a breeze to use.

We want imaginative minds to do what they do best: create and share with the world. With this vision in mind, we know S!NG will become an important tool in every creator’s kit, serving as the planet’s safest place to share and collaborate on ideas without a worry. So, as a producer, artist, inventor, photographer, developer, designer and everything in between — go off and create amazing things!




Ideas shared effortlessly and without hesitation, documented and protected in seconds.